quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

Giving another "me" a chance to be myself

     Paradox: the way you showed up. Same time totally unexpected and predicted. Somehow I just had had the idea while back that at this moment of my life someone like you would appear.
     Prejudice. That's how I see you. I won't apologize for this, it's not my fault your eyes can speak.
     I won't walk the same path this time. I'll walk in the dark. I need no light to show me I'm right, I'll just hear the voice inside.
     I finally hear it now. It's been burried under thoughts and feelings, but I feel ready this time to try something new, to be something else, to make this new path a extension of myself.
     And well... having second thoughts about it, the road ain't so dark for us. Just let the green light from my eyes set fire on your life. Let it burn under your skin, let it be what it seems.
     I'll just hope...just hope.

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