terça-feira, 8 de março de 2011

Somewhere a clock is a serial killer

     Can you hear the sounds? It sounds like someone’s knocking desperately at the door but in truth it’s just me trying to get free from what’s hurting inside. Can you hear the punches? I nearly can’t because it’s nothing compared to this noise within. Can you hear it? It’s begging for a cut… Anything that hurts but please do not touch this wound.
     Suddenly the noise stops. You realize it is pointless to keep hurting like this but it doesn’t matter either because almost your entire life has followed this non sense thing.
     Someone asks:
– Is it hollow?
- Choices are never filled by emptiness – Says something inside of you.

     Can you hear this yelling wish? It’s a shame it is only as loud as it is useless, and so are all those voices. Even if they were put all together, it wouldn’t be enough to turn back the time… Nothing is.
     Are you watching this? All those sounds suddenly turn into a sharp knife and as certain as it comes from the inside it gets stuck within hurting lethally. After all that’s what regrets are, right? They’re nothing more than a cut on the soul which the bleeding cannot be stopped and the endless blood that sheds is there just to show you who you really are.
     Could you stop it before that knife turns into regret? Could you stop these voices? Take that as a request 'cause once you can bring this kind of madness to me I’m sure you can also bring me peace.
     I’m fighting. Why can’t you fight too? There is no peace without a fight.
     I’m taking a risk. Why can’t you try too? There is nothing worthy without a risk.
     I’m asking. Why can’t you ask me too? There is no answer without a question.
     I’m being myself. Why can’t you see how wonderful it is to be? There is no “us” without you and me.
     I’m trying to stop this clock before it’s too late to want it back. I’m trying to make this memory remains good just because it was you and me, just because we let it be.
     Please let yourself see.